Weekend Parties (Friday, Saturday and Sunday)

2 hour party with a Mystical Fairies entertainer £250

2 hour party with 2 Mystical Fairies entertainers £460

Weekday Parties (Monday to Thursday)

2 hour party with a Mystical Fairies entertainer £200

2 hour party with 2 Mystical Fairies entertainers £360

One entertainer entertains up to 25 children.

Over 25 children will require a second entertainer or assistant entertainer.

If your numbers are between 25 - 35 you will need a fairy assistant and over 35 you will need a second entertainer.


Weekend £120 for a 2 hour party

Weekday £90 for a 2 hour party.

Party run times - we suggest from ages 1 - 3 a 1 hour party which is enough to engage and entertain the attention span especially if they are not used to long amounts of activity time.

Over 3 years we find most parties are 2 hours, although parties can last for as long as you like.

We often have offers on entertainment options - so always good to call to discuss your party and what we can do for you.

For example with Frozen we have a very popular offer of all three characters -Elsa, Anna and Kristoff entertainers at your party so all favourites are covered!

We were happy to adapt that for a little boy who wanted Spider-Man, Batman and Ariel at his party! So always ask!

For larger groups or to make a party more special, add an additional entertainer from our cast of characters. If Tinkerbell is visiting why not ask her to bring Peter Pan or a Pirate?

Face Painters and Glitter Tattoo artists

Weekend £150 for a 2 hour party

Weekday £100 for a 2 hour party

Hair Braiders and Nail Technicians

We have braid bars and nail bars which can be added to any party. Please call for a quote.


£300 plus for photographers but for junior photographers (university students and those just starting out) it is £200 we have a few of each on our books and are happy to organise or to recommend.

Party Bags

At Mystical Fairies we are passionate about what we do and one thing we cannot stand is a dreadful party bag. They need not be expensive, especially if you have a lot of children coming and need to give everyone (and extra siblings) a party bag.

We suggest if you are doing it yourself then one good thing be it a book or a balloon with a lollipop at the end of it - great for decoration and also to go home with, Make sure they are helium filled though or they won't stand up!

We offer 4 types of party bags should you want us to do them for you.

The Classic £3.50

An organza bag filled with fairy dust, bubbles, tiara and sweets or an organza bag filled with fairy dust, bubbles, pirate bandana and sweets.

The Princess/Prince £5.00

This can be fairy wings and wand with fairy dust, bubbles and sweets. Or activity themed make a fairy door or wiggle worms with all the fairy dust, bubbles and sweets. This is themed around your party and could just be a personalised cookie and fairy dust in an organza bag. We offer suggestions as to what we would do with the theme.

The Bespoke £15

This is a themed personalised party bag. From the personalised bag with themed cookie or cake pop and present - be it hair bows or jewellery or a make your own volcano. We have had Harry Potter personalised quidditch balls in house bags and handmade fairy crowns with fairy dust in fairy bags. We love making these!

Our last party bag is the MY Party Bag -

With MY party bags we can make it anything you want. We have had google glasses and design your own dresses. You get to choose what goes in your bag!

Princess Pop Ins/Magical Mornings/Bedtime Stories

Weekends£ XXXX

Weekdays£ XXXX

Video Messages


Stylists, Props and Decorations

Our stylists can create the perfect decor for your event, be it a princess or superhero party or your own birthday extravaganza!

They start at £200 for up to 25 children and your stylist will decorate your party in the theme you have chosen and even bring along a themed pullina (ribbon pull piñata).

This could include balloon garlands, personalised decorations, cookies and sweetie tubes but also tableware and lots of confetti!

There is lots of input from you, as much as you want to do and the world is your party oyster - from life size air walker balloons to personalised banners and party bags, we can custom make your party perfectly.

We can add in our famous props too, we have everything from Thrones and backdrops to toadstools and bunting! Happy to transform your venue into a magical wonderland as we have an array of beautiful props and decorations. We can start with some magical toadstools or a golden throne for your little fairies to sit on. Then we can add in hand painted backdrops and props from canopies, flowers and foliage, unicorns, to wishing wells and flowering trees.

Basic Props Package 1

A beautiful hand painted fairytale backdrop, a small throne, a canopy and two fairy toadstools.

Collect, assemble and return them yourself with your own transport. £250

Bespoke Props Package 1

We will send a stylist to help you transform your venue into a magical setting with a full range of props. This includes delivery, assembly, dressing and taking down and returning of props. These can include backdrops, throne, canopy, 4 toadstools, assorted flowers, foliage, trees, balloon garlands, table wear, confetti, and if able with time constraints, personalised treats. From £750

Bespoke Props Package 2

All of the above from props package 1 but bespoke so includes personalised backdrops or banners which can be kept and taken home. Personalised treat/party bags for each child and a themed filled sweetie cart or table. From £1200

These packages are London based, however please call for a quote if you live outside London.

We have sent elves to Dubai so we can send toadstools to Tonbridge!

All of our props and decorations are handmade and exclusive to Mystical Fairies, therefore we expect them returned to us in the same lovely condition as when you received them within the specified time. A weekend hire is usually Saturday and Sunday but upon prior request it is possible for you to collect on a Friday and return on the Sunday or Monday.

If you do not return our props you will be charged the daily hire rate of £125 per day.

If you lose or damage our props you will be charged to replace them.

Upon rental we take your credit/debit card details and should any damage or the props not returned we will charge your card accordingly.

The hire of the props is an additional cost to a Mystical Fairies entertainer and can only be added to a Mystical Fairies package. By hiring the props you agree to these terms and conditions and your statutory rights are not affected.