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Top 10 Party Tips

Top 10 party tips

Here are Mystical Fairies' top 10 party tips to ensure there are no tantrums, just tiaras!

1.Employ an excellent children's entertainer from Mystical fairies a reputable company. It will completely take the stress out of your party and you allow you to enjoy it too.

2.Don’t over cater; children's food is the least important part of the party. Some sausages, sandwiches, cheese on a stick and fruit - and they’re happy!

3.Have your party bags made for you or buy a gift such as a book for each child as a going home present. It’s better to go for one lovely gift rather than a bag of plastic toys that will be forgotten very quickly.

4. Organise your party as far in advance as possible; the best entertainers can be in high demand.

5.Theme your party around what the birthday child likes, not what you think the guests will enjoy - it is their special day after all.

6. Invitations should be sent out at least three weeks in advance. If your child is at school, check the school list to make sure the birthday doesn’t clash with another party - it’s definitely worth planning ahead.

7.Make sure parents are quiet during the party; it can be distracting for your entertainer and also for the children. Maybe offer coffee in a separate room or if the children are 5 or over you could suggest a drop off.

8. Uninvited siblings can often cause distress for the birthday mummy. Venues and entertainers often have a limit on the number of children and uninvited guests can cause the party to be stressful and chaotic. Remember that the invite may only be for one of your children and do not presume their brothers or sisters can go too.

9. Let your child be involved in all the decisions regarding their party, then they will know what to expect and who will be there. The anticipation of the party can be so overwhelming it’s worth remembering to time your party to suit the child's age.

10 The younger the child the earlier the party should be.

And finally, remember to enjoy the party!!!